Tinkercad, 3D Printing, & AR Sandbox Mashup

I am always trying to mash together different apps and websites for innovative but clear and concise projects for students.  When I first heard about the AR Sandbox my mind instantly started doing just that.  I connected the dots between Tinkercad, 3D printing, and the AR Sandbox and came up with a project for 5th... Continue Reading →


Panoramic View of the MakerSpace

It's amazing how much this room has transformed over the past couple of months.  Even when I compare pictures from the beginning of the school year to now so much has changed.  I think that's the greatest things about student spaces.  They can adapt and change over time based on student needs.

First Annual edcampUniteNC

"From the mountains to the sea, all are welcome to unite and learn from each other to better educate our North Carolina students!" On Saturday, November 18th the NC Chapter of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year held the first annual edcampuniteNC at Elizabeth City State University. This was the first edcamp... Continue Reading →


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