Conversations Around the Lego Wall

When I first started transforming the MakerSpace I came across a post on Twitter about a Lego Wall. My first thought was, "I have to have that!". I thought it looked cool and fun and knew it was a must for my new space.  What I didn't realize though was the magic around the wall.... Continue Reading →


Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is so important in the classroom every day in order to see what students understand and what they still need help with.  Luckily, there are a ton of formative assessment digital tools out there for you to use. But, which ones will work perfectly with the standards you are trying to assess? Check... Continue Reading →


On a Wednesday in August,  I sent an email to Katherine, Kenny, and Kimberly sharing my crazy idea about putting on an edcamp in Asheville.  Although I'm sure they thought I was crazy, they agreed to the idea of helping me bring edcamp to Asheville.  After a ton of work, emails, and texts that dream came... Continue Reading →

CUE 2017

I had the amazing opportunity to present with Kimberly Eggett at CUE in Palm Springs, CA this year.  This was the first time I had attended CUE and I was very excited since I have spent the past couple of years learning from the many twitter followers that were attending.  In the past I’ve used... Continue Reading →

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