NCTIES- Day 1 Reflections

Every year I look forward to NCTIES. It’s like a huge PLN family reunion of amazing educators from all over North Carolina.  I get excited to not only see these amazing people face to face but also to learn from them whether in sessions or in the hallway. The things I take away from NCTIES is like no other professional development.

NCTIES this year started out with a bang with an awesome key note by Kristen Ziemke. nctiesThis lady is amazing! The stories she shared about her students was inspiring! After her speech I went up and showed her the “I’m Me.” that I found on the Lego Wall. It went right along with her speech I had to show her! And then of course snap a picture as well!


I have to say though my absolute favorite session each year at NCTIES are the student showcases. We have amazingly smart, creative students who come to Raleigh each year to show off the exciting things they are doing in their schools. This picture below is of an amazing group of 5th graders who are in a

IMG_20180301_102452.jpgGame Design Club called Game Time. They take every day objects and transform them into amazing games. In this picture they are showing off their chess/checkers board made out of Legos so they can play in the car and not lose their pieces AND the graffiti whiteboard they created out of a Yoga Mat. I told the students how impressed I was of their creativeness but they were quick to tell me these are only prototypes and they are still tweaking the games until they are perfect.

Another amazing Student Showcase that I checked out was by some Kindergartners. First, let me tell you how impressed I was by their braveness and speaking skills. They had no problem walking up and talking to adults about the awesome things they were doing.


In this picture you can see that students recreated their community our of construction paper. They then drew pictures of themselves and taped them to Ozobots. They  used markers to program the Ozobots to go through their town so it looks like they were moving through the town. Then… they weren’t done yet! They used an Augmented Reality App so when the iPad was pointed to specific places in the town it changed the town to a green screen video of the students (with the specific building as their background) and they talked about what that building did in the community.

Can I saw WOW?!? I’m still so totally impressed with these students and their teacher! What an awesome, amazing project!

IMG_20180301_081316.jpgAfter the Student Showcases, I went down and checked out our AR Sandbox. We had the opportunity to bring our Augment Reality Sandbox from Asheville all the way to Raleigh. I know I’ve posted about the Sandbox and that amazing Walter who build the Sandbox, but I just have to do another shout out again! (Walter-left, Chip-right). They both traveled to Raleigh to show teachers how cool this AR Sandbox is and the amazing things you can do with it!

On Thursday, I also had the chance to sit it on some amazing sessions and learn more about MicroWriting, VR, and Chrome Extensions.

In the VR session, I saw a Merge Cube for the first. time. This little cube creates educational holograms, VR, and AR. If you haven’t seen one yet, you should totally look it up! I bought one last night for only 4.99 on Amazon! I will be sure to post about it as soon as mine comes in!

The Chrome Extension sessions were with Jeff and Drew and of course it was amazing! I learned a ton! I took my notes in Google Keep so it’s a little awkward to share, but below are screenshots of some of the ones they shared.

chrome extensions

chrome ext

So, that’s my Thursday in a nut shell. It was jam packed and awesome! I’m stoked to be able to bring what I have learned back to the teachers at my school!



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