NCTIES- Day 2 Reflections

Day 2 at NCTIES was just as amazing as the first! I had the opportunity to attend an awesome session by Katherine and LeeAnn the Tree-Hugger Techies on the EcoReader Club they run at their school. It’s an amazing mix of soil, plants, compost, and tech!

img_20180302_100702.jpgThe room was packed and rightfully so they shared a ton of great ideas of how to blend the great outdoors with devices!

After the Tree-Hugger Techie’s presentation, I presented with my amazing Media Specialist Janna on “Exploring Global Learning Making Standards Come Alive”. This was a really fun session and we shared all different ways to integrate global learning. We shared books, Global Collaborative Projects, Skype in the Classroom, FlipGrid, and more! You can check out our presentation here. 

After our session, I went and met my amazing husband who drove all the way to Raleigh to  support me and then we went and found our seats in the ballroom for the Closing.

poster.PNGDuring the Closing, NCTIES announced who had won the NCTIES awards for the year.  They called me up to the stage and announced that I had won the Outstanding Young Educator Award! I was so honored and excited! It was amazing standing up on stage and being able to see all of the amazing teachers in the room. I only had a couple of seconds to say thank you during that time I gave a huge thanks to my amazing PLN and my husband. I would not  be able to do what I do every day if it wasn’t for all of you!

After the awards, Kevin Carroll got up on stage and gave an amazing ending Keynote. I wish I would have record it because it was such an inspiration and I know so many


teachers and students who would benefit from hearing him speak. One of the quotes he used was from Plato, “You can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play Than a Year of Conversations.” This quote spoke to me and I find it so true. I also relate this quote to play and laughter in the classroom and how important it is to have fun while teaching and learning.

During the Keynote, Kevin called Chelsea and Katie two Outstanding Innovative Award winners and myself up to the stage and gave us each 2 books that he recommended. (I can’t wait to read them!) We were all 3 so excited we were grinning from ear to ear! After the event, I had the chance to get to know Chelsea and Katie… and man, there school is lucky to  have them! These 2 are motivated, innovative, and love teaching and learning! You can tell from just 5 minutes talking with them the energy they bring to their classrooms and the media center and the excitement of learning they bring to kids! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet these two and I know we will continue to stay in touch and collaborate on a project in the future!




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