Emojify Yourself!

Our Girls Who Code Lunch Bunch spent their lunch period emojifying themselves! They used the Blockly programming language to create an emojij that looks like them!

Students had to take what they know about Blockly coding, simple graphing (x and y axis), and what they look like in order to create a virtual version of themselves in the virtual workspace.


Our 4th grade girls thought the project was challenging but had a lot of fun. When they finished they insisted, I take pictures so they could compare themselves to their new emoji. I then let the students email the emoji’s to their parents so they could share it at home.

I found this lesson on the MadewithCode.com site and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it! The Made with Code site is created by Google and has a ton of projects for students to work through that all revolve around programming.


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