Fidget Spinners… if you can’t beat them, join them!

The latest craze… Fidget Spinners… as teachers, we all know what this means: constant whirling and spinning at every second of the day.  At first the sound drove me crazy, but I quickly realized the more it annoyed me the more fun it became for the stuimg_1205.jpgdents.  So I started thinking, if our students are this excited about fidget spinners how can we use this obsessed motivation? Then I came up with an idea! Let’s have students design and print their own fidget spinner base with our 3D printer! Not only would it motivate students and be a fun end of the year project, but it will also allow those students who can’t afford a fidget spinner to not feel left out with their peers.

So, what were my first steps for this fidget spinner project? To print my own of course! I went to work and printed my own base for the fidget spinner then I just started walking around the school spinning it.  You should have seen the looks I got from the kids! At first it was, “Where did you get that one?”, “Why does that one look different?”, “Who broke it?”. But once I handed the students the newly printed fidget spinner every students tone changed to excitement!  I started to hear, “did you print this?!?”, “Man, this is cool!”, “Can we design one?”. My answers were “Yes”, “Yes”, and “Yes!”.

My next steps to the project will be to have students work in collaborative groups to design their fidget spinner base in TinkerCad in the MakerSpace room then print! I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have students design their own fidget spinners then pay money for a cheap one to spin!


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